The Marie Claire Fashion Team’s 2019 Style Resolutions

Commandments you can keep

Start 2019 with a fresh fashion agenda! Along with the usual suspects – exercise more, drink wine less etc – the marie claire fashion team’s list of resolutions stretched to include ones pertaining to our wardrobes this year.

Without further adieu, this year, the team will… 

1) Have more fun 

“Get out of a monochrome rut with mood-lifting hues and playful accessories.

Style tip: team a statement blouse with cropped jeans or tailored trousers.”

2) Be more girlie 

“Spoil yourself with sweet florals and fanciful treats for the wardrobe and beyond.

Style tip: see the world through rose-coloured glasses while looking super stylish.”

3) Be more eco-conscious. 

“Opt for all things organic and ethically made to reduce your fashion footprint.”  

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