In Defence Of The Olsen Twins’ Controversial Bridesmaid Outfits

The ‘dresses’ that broke the internet

Yesterday we reported on the seriously non-conformist bridesmaids attire Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore for a friend’s New York wedding.

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Mary-Kate’s floral doona-cover-meets-kimono rapidly caught the internet’s attention and divided the marie claire office in two.

Half of us decried her departure from universal bridesmaid protocol (i.e. do NOT upstage the bride); but our fashion team came out unanimously in favour of her boundary-breaking look.

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Here’s what they had to say:

“I love how the twins kept with the vintage-inspired aesthetic – I especially adore Mary-Kate’s silk kimono-style dress teamed with Balenciaga silk green mules. In my eyes, this is a dream outfit!”

Tara Morris, junior fashion editor

“Clearly the bride wanted each of her maids to dress to their personal tastes – something I can fully appreciate. The Olsen twins look perfectly poised and completely within the “floral” theme while thinking a little outside of the average “floral frock” box.”

Bree McDonald, fashion & news editor

“The Olsen twins have been my long time styles muses; to me they can’t put a foot out of place. I love their non-traditional take on bridesmaid dressing. I appreciate this look might not be for everyone but I think they look cute as a button!”

Monica Russell, market editor

We just wish we knew what the bride thought.

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