Mimi Elashiry Reveals Her Favourite Vintage Shops

And why we should think twice about that festival glitter

Mimi Elashiry is the OG Instagram sensation, filling newsfeeds with her vintage-style, adventurous attitude and enviable abs since before many even had the app. But the Sydney-born model is much more than your average ridiculously good looking ‘grammer, Mimi uses her platform to promote sustainable fashion and better ways to recycle, as well as promoting wholefoods and a healthy, balanced diet. 

We chat to the 22-year-old about her favourite Australian labels and why we should rethink that Coachella glitter.

Describe your style in five words or less

Eclectic, creative and inspired by my travels.

Do you buy most of your clothes new, or do you shop second-hand and vintage?

I would have to say a solid 85% of the clothing I buy is vintage, or second hand. 

What are your favourite places to shop second-hand? Any secret gems?

For all your designer vintage/second-hand designer needs, my favourites are Storeroom Vintage in Sydney and Beacons Closet in NYC. I also love to collect dresses, gowns and coats and one offs… so for me most gems are whatever vintage is at the flea (The Rosebowl in LA, Hidden Treasures in Topanga) costume hunting is my favourite. So, if it’s cowboy, pirate, sporty or pre- 60’s – it’s me.

What are the most-worn items in your wardrobe?

I have quite few favourites. I’ve been wearing my white adidas Stan Smiths over summer a lot and teaming these up with my Hansen and Gretel and Bec and Bridge slip dresses. I’ve also been wearing my new adidas Arkyns a lot since being in LA – they’re super comfy and have been wearing them to my dance classes and loving them. I can also pair them with staples in my wardrobe really well like my Vintage Levis 521’s (carrot cut, super high waisted) and few SIR The Label linen pieces that I have.

What are your favourite Australian brands?

Hansen and Gretel, KIT X, Bec and Bridge, SIR, She Made Me, In Your Arms.

Why do you think buying sustainable fashion, and supporting brands who create it, is important?

Fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world. It contributes to pollution in both production, the use of natural resources in its extraction, processing, manufacturing and shipping, along with the incredible amount of waste in landfill.  Supporting sustainable fashion allows us to be conscious in our consumption, minimise our carbon footprint and be mindful of how we shop. Sustainable fashion one of the ways we can be more eco-friendly and kind to mother earth.   

What brands stand out to you in that sustainable fashion realm?

I’m really excited to be a part of the adidas Australia family who have partnered with Parley. Together adidas and Parley are working together to prevent plastic entering our oceans and transforming plastic into sportswear. I’m really passionate about protecting our environment and I’m so glad that I can help spread the word about this really important issue. We are spinning the problem into a solution and we all have a role to play.

You’ve just come back from Coachella, what are your festival fashion tips?

Bring your own water bottle! This is my #1 TIP to everyone attending ANY commercial music festival. STOP BUYING SINGLE USE PLASTIC. You’re allowed to bring an empty water bottle into festivals and there are water refill stations everywhere! So, go into adidas and buy one of their metal water bottles, and get a little strap or a carabiner and bring it as a cute accessory! Tip #2 DO NOT accessorise with glitter. Glitter is just tiny pieces of plastic you are sprinkling and dropping all over the earth. Go get your hands on some Biodegradable glitter. I personally use BioGlitz, or just colourful eyeshadow.

What’s your trick for staying motivated fitness-wise in winter, or when travelling a lot?

Funnily enough, in winter I find I am more motivated to train because the idea of hot sweaty sand is so not ideal! No matter if it’s miserable and rainy in Sydney or freezing cold and snowing in NYC, I’ll be up and at the gym – doing a class first thing to get moving!

What is your favourite type of exercise?

I love dancing. It is my favourite, choreography classes, dance cardio workouts or just dancing all day/night at a festival is ideal. I also love boxing as a workout I can find/do anywhere, it takes the cake. If I can’t find a class, I’ll shadowbox with little weights, if I don’t have weights, fruit or little rocks do the trick… it’s all about being versatile and making it work.


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