Miranda Kerr has some interesting opinions on Gigi and Kendall

The model showdown continues

Love them or loathe them, there’s no denying that Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are enjoying wildly successful careers. Their rise from reality TV stars’ offspring to world-class models has been meteoric – but there are those in the fashion industry who begrudge them their success.

Models Rebecca Romijn and Janice Dickinson were the first to notoriously claim Kendall and Gigi ‘are not true supermodels’, with Stephanie Seymour deeming them mere “bitches of the moment.” Ouch.

While many (Romijn, Dickinson and Seymour included) would argue the duo owes their success purely to their huge social media followings and pre-existing fame, both of which are highly attractive to the brands that book them, one supermodel has begged to differ: Miranda Kerr.

“They’re doing so well,” Miranda says in a recent interview with Popsugar US. “It’s great to see them out there and being so versatile.”

“What I love is being able to do commercials and then editorials,” she adds. “Back in the day, it was either you’re an editorial model or a commercial model. There was less crossover and it’s nice to see that now. I encourage that because it doesn’t feel good to ever be pigeonholed.”

So there you have it. Kerr is all for the so-called ‘social media models’ and commends them for their versatility. Miranda Kerr: definitely not a mean girl.

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