Natalie Marie Jewellery Have Collaborated With Indigenous Artist Niah McLeod And The Pieces Are Something Else

It takes meaningful jewellery to a new level.

Our jewellery is far more than something we mindlessly throw on each day. It’s a form of self-expression, and a way of showing ourselves to the world in a meaningful way. If you’ve ever put on a truly treasured piece of jewellery, you’ll know just how special it can make you feel. 

Jewellery and story-telling really do go hand-in-hand, which has never been more evident than in the collaboration collection between Natalie Marie Jewellery and Indigenous artist Niah McLeod. 

The Walawaani collection (meaning safe journey) is inspired by Niah’s commissioned painting ‘Gupu Dreaming’ – a piece created to honour this year’s NAIDOC theme, Heal Country. The art offers a tangible reminder of our interconnectedness, and the responsibility we all share to nurture not only each other, but the world around us.

The collection features four breathtaking pieces of wearable art, including a bracelet, earrings, necklace and ring. Buyers can choose from 14ct yellow gold, white gold or rose gold depending on their style preferences. Each piece is intricately designed and extremely delicate, serving as a powerful symbol of something far greater than ourselves. 

Pieces are priced between $500-740, with 20% of proceeds being donated to Yalari, a not-for-profit organisation striving to improve the futures of young indigenous Australians. 

“I have been a follower of Niah’s work since I discovered her back in 2016. I was searching for a piece to add to our first small showroom space, and I fell in love with her intricate, fine style. I am so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Niah through a creative lens. This is the first time I have drawn inspiration directly from artwork, but the process aligned with my general design practise which is naturally process led, ” said founder, Natalie Fitch. 

Niah Mcleod, the talented artist behind the collection, says the story behind the jewellery came to her after completing the painting. 

“I very rarely provide a story narrative with my pieces. In most of my paintings, I try to capture a moment of emotion, unless I specifically have something in mind from the start. With this specific piece, the story came to me after completing the painting; it’s a story of freshwater meeting saltwater. It’s called – Gupu Dreaming.” 

Shop the Niah McLeod x NMJ collaboration collection here


Niah McLeod x NMJ | Walawaani Bracelet, $680


Niah McLeod x NMJ | Walawaani Ring, $500


Niah McLeod x NMJ | Walawaani Necklace, $600


Niah McLeod x NMJ | Walawaani Earrings, $740

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