Pharrell is wearing a giant necklace. Because he can

Is man bling the next big fashion thing?

Why should women have all the fashion fun? In these gender-neutral times the concept of strict delineation between men’s and women’s wear has started to look rather old-fashioned.

And you could never call Pharrell Williams that.

To wit, he accessorised his custom-made Chanel frock coat and high collared shirt dress shirt – very Karl Lagerfeld – with a giant round sparkly diamond brooch and a veritable tsunami of black crystal-dusted chain necklaces worthy of Gabrielle Chanel herself.

(Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile his partner Mimi Valdes, also in Chanel, sported a dyed-grey plaited updo. Valdes is one of the producers of Hidden Figures, the 1960s drama about NASA’s forgotten African-American female mathematicians.

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