This Designer Bag Has Graduated To ‘IT’ Status

Worth the investment

There are specific merits a designer carryall needs in order to reach IT-bag status: timelessness, elevated design and the influential tick of approval by the fashion elite who dominate our social feeds. Inherited from a bygone era where sartorial revolutions were ignited by the arm-candy draped on stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, the IT-bag has the power to become the fashion icon of a generation.

Since its debut in 2016, Prada’s Cahier Bag has gathered a cult fashion following. The bag described as being “emblematic of a sturdy, secure notebook to which we entrust our most intimate thoughts and cherished memories” has adorned the likes of Emily Ratajowski, Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox and Margaret Zhang… to name a few.

And, if the fashion influencer endorsement isn’t a strong enough case, the cinematic series of short films – The Delivery Man – created to celebrate this iconic luxury item is sure to cement its place in the IT-bag hall of fame.

Created and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ryan Hope and starring Academy Award-winning actor J.K. Simmons, this filmic project follows the efforts of a delivery man on his quest to give the ultimate cadeau (gift). 

Midnight Request

Woman’s Best Friend 

Priorities Of Love 

Hollywood-grade shorts and social media aside, the Cahier Bag is a luxury item worth the investment. Known for the quality of their craftsmanship, a Prada handbag is like a portable piece of art. The Cahier Bag is no different. With different styles and fabrics to suit individual desires, the Cahier is set to make IT-bag history. 

prada cahier bag
Shop the Prada Cahier Bag today. (Credit: Supplied)

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