The Sweet Detail You Missed On Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Dress

Blink and you'll miss it
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When Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in a lavish multi-day ceremony at the end of last year, her wedding veil was so huge it spawned a thousand memes, so you’d be forgiven for missing out on a subtle detail on her dress.


The gown was made by Ralph Lauren, which in itself is pretty unique as he’s not your go-to wedding dress designer, in fact he’s only created three wedding dresses.

It featured a classic fitted silhouette, high neck, and plenty of lace, and also some secret embroidered words.

Ralph revealed the detail in his internal publication, RL Mag, saying, ‘At Priyanka’s request, eight special words and phrases were incorporated into the embroidery pattern of the coat, including “Hope” and “Compassion,” as well as a Hindu mantra, “Om Namaha Shivay,” and “December 1, 2018,” the date of the ceremony.’

He added, ‘The placement of the groom’s full name, Nicholas Jerry Jonas, at the front of the coat was mirrored on the back by the names of her parents. (A piece of lace from the dress Nick’s mother wore at her own wedding was also sewn into the pattern.) “Family” scrolled along the right sleeve, where Priyanka has a wrist tattoo reading “Daddy’s Lil Girl…” And, finally, just over her heart, the word “Love” was stitched in ivory thread.’

This is all the more symbolic that the entire weekend was a symbol of two merging cultures for both the bride and the groom.

Speaking of the groom, he also had a little something embroidered on the lapel above his heard: My Jaan, which signifies my loved one.

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