Bec Judd Makes Her Return To The Runway

Her family cheered her on from the front row

Aussie model turned TV presenter – and not to mention mother of four – made a stunning return to the runway last night during the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

The 34-year-old took the catwalk for with her husband, Chris Judd, and two eldest children Oscar and Billie sitting front row.

Bec, who hasn’t walked the runway for two years, told the Herald Sun she was excited to get back into it.

“I love the feeling of walking in a runway show. There’s the music and the crowd, it’s exciting,” she said ahead of the show.

Taking to Instagram after the show, Bec revealed that despite the glamour of returning to the runway, kids will be kids, and hubby Chris and daughter Billie missed most of the show because the little one had to go to the bathroom.

“Thanks for a great night@nextofficial_au That was fun! Hubby and daughter dearest missed the first half of the show because seconds before it started Billie declared she needed to do a wee (as all typical three year olds do 🙄). Impeccable timing my love.”

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