​Renée Bargh On Female Friendships, Forging Your Own Career Path And Finding The Perfect Wine!

"When women support each other we are truly unstoppable."

Since moving to L.A. to pursue her dreams, Renée Bargh’s career has continued to go from strength to strength. After working as an Emmy award-winning host on the iconic US entertainment program Extra, where she interviewed Hollywood heavyhitters such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Julie Roberts (no biggie), Bargh returned to her hometown of Byron Bay earlier this year.

As we head into the party season marie claire caught up with the The Voice host to chat about the value of female friendships, career wins and sacrifices, and, of course, her favourite drop for the party season.

What traits do you value most in a friend?

Authenticity, vulnerability and loyalty. Someone who is there for the highs and the lows, the good and the bad.

Someone you can completely be yourself with—without judgement—but that’s also able to pull you up when you need it and hold a mirror up when necessary.  

What is something you’ve learned about female friendships over the years?

That they are incredibly valuable and powerful. My girlfriends are my world and building a strong community of women is key to survival and living a rich life.

The sisterhood is so important and I honestly can’t imagine my life without my beautiful circle of women. 

How have your friendships changed as you’ve gotten older?

They’ve mostly gotten deeper and more intimate. We’ve all been through so much and grown up together, so we really value true connection and vulnerable communication. All my friendships feel very real and authentic. 

Do you value your friendships with other women?

Through any break up or hard time they’ve always been there. I’d like to think I’ve always been there for them too. When women support each other we are truly unstoppable. 

What is your favourite way to celebrate a friend?

With some self love and R&R. I’m a big advocate of some TLC so I love taking girlfriends for a spa day or sending them off for a massage.

But honestly just opening a really good bottle of wine with a friend and cooking them a meal is the greatest act of love to me. Tempus Two’s new Fleur Series is the perfect collection to have on standby, as it pairs with anything, which is perfect for when friends drop by.

When was a time when you celebrated something important with your friends?

What I love about my friends is that they celebrate every small victory. If you have good friends, you truly have everything: a 24/7 network of support for all of life’s highs.

I bought my first home recently and the girls were there for me for that huge milestone. To be celebrating with a group of new friends in my new community was really special. 

When have your friends helped pull you through a difficult time?

There have been a couple of major heartbreaks that I can’t imagine getting through without my girls to cry with, laugh with and sing and dance with.

One of my best friends nursed me after surgery a couple of years back and was so nurturing and comforting—only the way a woman could be. I felt so loved and cared for, and it brought us even closer. 


How are you most looking forward to spending your time this summer?

With my family, by the beach, cooking and entertaining in my new home. I’ve felt pretty unsettled since coming back to Australia, so to finally have roots and community feels really good

What do you look for in a summer wine?

Something dry, chilled and light.

What types of wine do you like most?

Pinot gris and aromatic reds! 

I love Tempus Two’s new Fleur Grenache—it’s the perfect pairing to savour each and every occasion over the summer.

When lightly chilled it’s a lightweight, crisp style of red and a great alternative to Rosé. It’s perfect for an afternoon in the sun with friends. I also love that it’s a versatile blend that can be served at room temperature when you’re looking for a more rounded, lush style of red wine as the sun goes down.

I also love Tempus Two’s new Fleur Fiano when I’m in the mood for a white.

What is your favourite wine and food pairing?

A vodka sauce pasta and a bold red wine. 


What have been your proudest career achievements to date?

I would have to say winning the Emmys. It’s something I never thought I would do and being a part of the incredible team at Extra in L.A. meant that I got to achieve that. Also, interviewing Oprah will always stand out to me. 

What has been the hardest aspect of your career?

Being so far away from my family and home for so long. I loved L.A. so much but I never felt grounded over there; it was such a crazy pace—something that kind of just takes over. 

How has your career helped to show you what’s most important in life?

By showing me that balance is so important. Being busy all the time isn’t exactly healthy in terms of building relationships or looking after your health. Being close to my family, working a little less and loving more is what truly makes me happy. 

What social events are you most excited for this summer?

We have a lot of fun things planned with the girls in Byron, that involve some physical activity—like tennis followed by wine and cheese. Like I said, it’s all about balance!

What fashion and beauty trends are you excited to try over the party season?

What I love about Byron is that all of the pressure is off when it comes to fashion and beauty.

It’s also so hot that for me it’s all about good bikinis, a nice sarong, beautiful linen dresses and, I’m usually barefoot, but I am loving beautiful, colourful stacked or short-heeled sandals (especially by Mara and Mine). 

What is your 2021 mantra?

Well I feel that my 2020 mantra ended up being ‘surrender and trust’ so I think I’ll carry that on.

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