All The Royal Fashion Rules Meghan Markle Now Has To Follow

Bye-bye, messy bun 💔

Meghan Markle‘s style changed dramatically upon announcing the news of her engagement to Prince Harry, and following the royal wedding, the Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe evolved even further – out with the pantsuits and in with the pantyhose. 

Of course, a lot of the changes we’re seeing in Meghan’s dress sense are due to her new responsibilities and the rules every royal must follow.

From avoiding garlic to not having political views or taking selfies, the protocol list is long. 

meghan markle
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Below, all the fashion rules the new Duchess must adhere to. 

No bare legs

She managed to avoid it ’til the wedding, but now Meghan must adhere to the Queen’s pantyhose rule. No matter the weather, Meghan – and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton – will always have on a pair of nude tights.

nude pantyhose

No excessive jewellery

Meghan has long been a fan of layering gold rings and wearing mismatched earrings, however, since officially joining the royal family she’s taken a more simple approach to jewellery.

meghan markle hands

No bright nails 

No nail art for a Duchess! Meghan must now wear nude, sheer, or nothing at all on her nails.

meghan markle

No messy hair

Oh, how we wish the messy bun could stay. Unfortunately, Meghan is now growing out her wispy strands and opting instead for perfect curls and sleek updos. 

meghan markle messy bun

Always packing black

After Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were forced to head home from Kenya in normal clothes after the death of King George VI, royals always pack a black mourning outfit in case a member of the royal family dies.

meghan markle

No short skirts

When wearing skirts, all royals must make sure they sit around the knees or below them.  

meghan markel

Hats are a must – but not after 6pm

While Meghan now has to wear hats for formal events, strictly no headwear is to be worn after 6pm other than a tiara.

meghan markle

No wedges

The Queen hates wedges and that means all royal women have to avoid them when around her. Granted, Kate Middleton will sometimes don a pair if her grandmother-in-law isn’t around, but Meghan Markle hasn’t yet dared.

meghan markle heels

No fur

This a long-standing rule dating back to the 14th century, when King Edward III banned all royals from wearing fur. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge famously broke this when they wore fur scarves on a tour of Canada.

meghan markle fur

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