Sienna Miller Re-Wore Her 2006 Met Gala Dress

If this isn’t recycling your clothes, we don’t know what is!

We thought Kate Middleton was the queen of recycling her favourite clothing items, but it turns out Sienna Miller has held the crown all this time. The style muse who continues to reign supreme in all things fashion and beauty has confirmed her status as recycler pro, bringing out a dress she wore to the Met Gala in 2006 to wear at dinner in New York this party season.

Sienna Miller re-wore her 2006

Opting to bring the gold sequined Burberry dress out of storage for the night, Miller proves shopping from your own wardrobe is the best option when you have, well, no other options. Pairing it with black tights (just like the original outfit did) and a chic oversized coat, Miller gave the party dress a new lease on life.

Originally worn with a (very 2006) belt, black tights and a smokey eye, Miller’s Met Gala outfit — which was designed by Christopher Bailey of Burberry — went in theme to AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion, the year’s dress code and adjoining Costume Institute exhibition.

Sienna Miller in Burberry at the Met Gala 2006

Miller is no stranger to dressing well, so it comes as no surprise the actress would recycle a great dress when she sees fit. In fact, with sequins, gold and minidresses currently having a moment, it makes complete sense to bring this particular look back out to the streets.

Now all we want is for that iconic Marchesa babydoll dress to make a return. Please, Sienna!

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