4 Simple Styling Tips To Swear By

It’s all in the details
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Creating an effortless, fashion-forward look for every occasion, is a whole lot simpler when you have a few basic styling tips stashed in your fashion tool kit. Whether it’s Monday morning in the office, an upscale cocktail party, a day at the races, your cousin’s black-tie wedding or even a lazy day at your favourite beach, indeed, there are a few universal tricks all fashion girls swear by to style up a knockout outfit.

Here, we share four basic styling tips that’ll have you looking and feeling like your best self every single day.

 Perfect fit

Ask any stylist and they will agree: nothing surpasses a meticulous fit when it comes to fashion. This simple truth can take an outfit from D-grade to dazzling yet is often overlooked in pursuit of the latest trend or style. An easy way to ensure your wardrobe looks like it was tailored just for you, is to choose flattering fabrics and invest in well-fitting underwear. A strapless black bra and high-waisted shaper short from Nancy Ganz’s new Enchanté range under a strapless mini or black-tie maxi will make you feel and look like an A-list movie star. Equally, for off-duty style, a Nancy Ganz Enchanté G-string in blush will have your jeans feeling custom-made.

Accentuate your favourite body parts

This may sound like a no-brainer, but working with – not against – your figure is a fundamental fashion rule. Granted, it can be tricky to know what to highlight. Go back to basics, find the part of your body you love best – swan-like neck, graceful collarbone, long dancer legs, elegant ankles – and plan your outfit accordingly. Don’t be afraid to tweak your favourite fashion trend to suit you. Think: a longer or shorter take on this year’s must-have essential – the plissé skirt might – might be the outfit fine-tune you need.

Hidden details

‘The devil is in the details’ may be an outdated idiom, however it actually rings true when it comes to style. We’re big believers in using subtle details to make an outfit look nonchalantly chic. Whether it’s an unexpected accessory or a head-to-toe colour with pops of texture, the details are everything.


If you picture the most stylish people you know IRL and on social media, there’s one magic can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it element they all have in common. Hint: it’s not an unlimited wardrobe fund. It’s confidence. Confidence comes from feeling great in yourself and projecting that. And it’s one style trick that doesn’t cost a thing.

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