100 Ideas For Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets, Organised By Era

A true Swiftie will understand all of these.
eras tour friendship bracelets

If there’s one thing you can’t attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert without, it’s a friendship bracelet

Die-hard Swifties will know the meaning behind these important items, but for those who are newer to the fandom, Swift’s fans began making them because of a line from one of her songs. 

In the song ‘You’re On Your Own Kid,’ (found on Midnights) Swift sings ‘make the friendship bracelets,’—so her fans did! 

The bracelets usually reference something from one of Swift’s eras, such as song name or an iconic moment (think ‘F**K Jake Gyllenhaal’ or ‘22 Hat’). 


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But really, anything to do with Swift goes from her cat’s names (Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson or Benjamin Button) to her ex-boyfriends will work. 

At the concert, Swifties will swap them with each other, holding onto the bracelets that reference the era they most identify with. 

The most important thing to note is that while you can bring them into the Australian concerts, you have to wear them. This means you can’t bring them in on a carabiner or D-ring. 

Which Beads Are The Best To Make Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets? 

The best beads to get are seed beads from Amazon. They have great letter packs there as well. 

Make sure to get lots of vowels as they’re often the first to go.

Stringwise, head to Spotlight for stretchy string (ideally the clear kind) to thread the beads. 

100 Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet Ideas, By Era

Taylor Swift (Debut)

  • Taylor Swift
  • Debut
  • Tim McGraw
  • Little Black Dress (or LBD) – From ‘Tim McGraw’
  • Stupid Ol’ Pick Up Truck – From ‘Picture To Burn’
  • Our Song
  • Oh My, My, My – From ‘Mary’s Song’
  • Picture To Burn
  • Wishing On That Wishin’ Star – From ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’
  • Georgia Stars – From ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’


  • Fearless
  • You Belong With Me
  • Forever & Always
  • 27 Seconds – How long it took Joe Jonas to break up with Swift (also the length of the intro for ‘Forever & Always’
  • Abigail – The friend she sings about in ‘Fifteen’
  • Prettiest Lady – What she calls her mum in ‘The Best Day’
  • 2AM Cursing Your Name – From ‘The Way I Loved You’
  • Kiss You In The Rain – From ‘Hey Stephen’
  • Marry Me Juliet – From ‘Love Story’
  • You Ok? – The sign she holds up in the video clip for ‘You Belong With Me’

Speak Now

  • Sparks Fly
  • PDBILWSEPDHSWOY – From ‘Enchanted, “Please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you.”
  • Timeless – From The Vault ‘Timeless’
  • Dear John (or F**k John Mayer)
  • Better Than Revenge (or the line Swift changed in the song if you feel like being cheeky)
  • Shaky Breath – From ‘Last Kiss’, fans were very sad when it was left off the Speak Now re-recording
  • Long Live
  • Fighting Dragons With You – From ‘Long Live’
  • Next Chapter – From ‘Story Of Us’
  • Soz Tay Lautner – For ‘Back To December’


  • WTSAEW (Who’s Taylor Swift Anyway, Ew?)
  • ATWTMVTV (All To Well, Ten Minute Version Taylor’s Version)
  • Fuck The Patriarchy or F**k Jake Gyllenhaal – From ‘All Too Well’
  • Football Helmet – From ‘Stay Stay Stay’
  • Wednesday In A Café – From ‘Begin Again’
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • Old Red Scarf – From ‘All Too Well’
  • Mosaic Broken Hearts – From ‘State Of Grace’
  • Kennedy (Swift dated Connor Kennedy during the Red era)
  • Like, Ever – From ‘We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together’


  • 1989
  • Clean
  • Starbucks Lovers – From ‘Blank Space’ (what everyone thought the line ‘starcrossed-lovers’ was)
  • This Love Came Back To Me – From ‘This Love’
  • New Romantics (or “Heartbreak Is The National Anthem” from the song)
  • Slut – From The Vault ‘Slut’
  • Your New Girl Is My Clone – From The Vault ‘Is It Over Now?’
  • Welcome To New York (or “These Lights Are So Bright)
  • James Dean Daydream – From ‘Style’ about Harry Styles (who basically the whole album is about)
  • Bad Blood (or “Mad Love”)


  • Ready For It…
  • New Year’s Day
  • 123 LGB (for ‘One, Two Three, Let’s Go B*tch, which fans yell out during the ‘Delicate’ live performance)
  • American Queen – From ‘King Of My Heart’
  • LWYMMD – From ‘Look What You Made Me Do’
  • My Drug Is My Baby – From ‘Don’t Blame Me’
  • Getaway Car
  • I <3 TS (like the shirt Tom Hiddleston wore when she was dating him)
  • My Baby’s Fit Like A Daydream – ‘Call It What You Want’
  • Dress or Bedpost – From ‘Dress’


  • Cruel Summer
  • Grinning Like A Devil – From ‘Cruel Summer’
  • It’s Golden – From ‘Daylight’
  • Who Could Ever Leave Me Darling – From ‘The Archer’
  • Altar Is My Hips – From ‘False God’
  • Miss Americana – From ‘Miss Americana’
  • Devils or Angels – From ‘Cruel Summer’
  • Andrea Swift (for Swift’s mum who ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ is written about)
  • I Like Shiny Things – From ‘Paper Rings’
  • 20 Seconds/20 Years – From ‘Lover’


  • Mirrorball
  • Betty/James/Augustine – From ‘Cardigan’, ‘Betty’ or ‘August’
  • Rebecca Harkness – from ‘Last Great American Dynasty’’
  • Meet Me Behind The Mall – ‘From ‘August’
  • Auroras & Sad Prose – From ‘The Lakes’ 
  • William Bowery (Joe Alwyn’s pseudonym)
  • No Scooters (a dig at Scooter Braun)
  • Centennial Park – From ‘Invisible String’
  • A Million Little Times – From ‘Illicit Affairs’
  • Exile


  • November Flush or Flannel Cure – From ‘Champagne Problems’
  • F**cked In The Head – From ‘Champagne Problems’
  • Gardens Of Babylon – From ‘Cowboy Like Me’ 
  • Forever Is The Sweetest Con – From ‘Cowboy Like Me’
  • Este – From ‘No Body, No Crime’
  • Evermore
  • Eyes Leak Acid Rain – From ‘Happiness’
  • Willow Witches – For ‘Willow’
  • I’m Fine With My Spite – From ‘Closure’
  • Down The Rabbit Hole – From ‘Long Story Short’


  • YOYOK (stands for ‘You’re On Your Own Kid’, the song that told us to make the friendship bracelets in the first place) 
  • Shimmer – For ‘Bejewelled’ (or Polish Up Nice)
  • Karma Is The Guy On The Chiefs – From her performance of ‘Karma’ referring to Travis Kelce (or Karma Is A Cat)
  • Plail To Flan – From ‘Mastermind’ but she sang the lyrics wrong at one of her Eras Tour shows
  • AIWMMEAPPP – From ‘You’re Losing Me’, stands for “And I wouldn’t marry me either, a pathological people pleaser.”
  • Midnight Rain
  • Sexy Baby – From ‘Anti-Hero’
  • Throw Up On The Street – From ‘Hits Different’
  • Danced With The Devil – From ‘Would’ve, Could’ve Should’ve’
  • Meet Me At Midnight – From ‘Lavender Haze’

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