5 Things Victoria Beckham Can’t Stop Wearing

We decode her style

She’s one of the most fashionable women in the world, hands down. With a style evolution that has seen her swap miniskirts and sequins to oh-so sophisticated blazers, work-ready trousers and her own award-winning fashion label, Victoria Beckham has managed to work her way into our list of best dressed woman, with good reason.

Always dressed to the nines and able to look the part, every time, Beckham’s prowess as a fashion icon knows no limits. Loved by minimalists for her chic take on understated dressing, the former singer-turned-designer knows her way around a cleanly cut suit, perfectly tailored pant and pair of oversized sunglasses. Impeccable in her taste, it’s safe to say we could all learn a thing or two from Posh Spice. Here, we’ve decoded the five things Beckham can’t stop wearing, so you too can emulate her seriously covetable style.

Victoria Beckham wide legged trousers

Wide legged trousers

When VB commits to something, she goes all out. So when you know she loves wide legged trousers, you can be sure she owns a pair in every possible cut, fit and shade. From a ballooning red pair to grey tweed and even navy velvet, the former Spice Girl has seriously invested in the style. Which is probably a good thing, since it looks so good on her petite frame. The good news? This style can work for just about everyone, when, like Beckham, you pair your wider trousers with a slimming top or classic fitted blazer.

Victoria Beckham in tuxedo jacket

A tuxedo jacket

Whether she’s wearing it with a sheer camisole, a turtleneck or nothing at all, Beckham is a big fan of the tuxedo jacket. A virtual staple for the designer, Beckham wears hers with anything and everything. A lover of a little shape, one of Beckham’s favourite styles is a belted, structured cut, which she pares back with an informal legging and cross-body bag.

Victoria Beckham sunglasses

Straight edge sunglasses

Like Kim Kardashian before her, and virtually every woman in the 00s, Beckham is a huge fan of oversized, straight-edge sunglasses. Most likely a practical prop against the barrage of paparazzi she encounters daily, Beckham has turned the light-shielding shades into a serious fashion statement. Chic, blasé and oh-so mysterious, we’re glad that Beckham has taken her stance with sunnies — no Bella Hadid-esque Matrix-style glasses here!

Victoria Beckham carrying her bag

Bags, but not on her shoulder

Ok, so this is less of an item and more of a way of styling, but VB is a bona fide fan of carrying her bags. Yep, despite whether or not there’s a strap attached to them, the designer prefers to tote them in her hand. Definitely a styling trick for the rich and famous (the rest of us need our hands), her take on the humble bag is definitely one to note. Big event? Take cues from Beckham and opt to forgo straps for the night. It might take up more of your hands, but it certainly looks chic.

Ultra long pants

Ultra long pants

She loves a wide leg… and she loves a long leg, too. A fan of the ultra long style, Beckham makes a case for letting your hemlines down. Right down. Whether they’re trailing on the ground or just covering her ankle boots, Beckham’s love of the silhouette is obvious. Apart from making her legs appear much longer, the styling trick is ideal for winter or those days when choosing the perfect shoe just seems, well, too much.

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