Victoria Beckham Says This Is David’s Favourite Outfit Of Hers Ever

The man has taste

For most of her career, Victoria Beckham was rarely ever spotted in colour, print, or sans heels. But recent outings suggest a change in tune for the queen of monochrome minimalism, and VB confirms her husband is partly to thank. 

“I just thought black was great,” the designer told The Telegraph of her signature shade. “But now I really enjoy wearing color. When I see pictures of myself in color it feels fresh and more useful.” 

“I’m in a great position because I can see pictures of myself and learn from what I see,” she continued.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria then revealed that her football star husband agrees with the bright, new hues.

“A few months ago I was wearing blue trousers and a simple red jumper. David never really comments on pictures of me but he said ‘those pictures look really great, it’s great to see you in colour.”

She added: “There’s enough bad stuff going on in the world so we need to look at clothes and feels energised and happy.”

victoria beckham red dress

The 43-year-old’s new love of colour has, naturally, transitioned from her wardrobe into her runway designs.

Her latest offering, debuted at New York Fashion Week, consisting of a pink pinstriped suit and bright pink pyjama-inspired silks (which she also owns in baby blue), as well as an orange silk jumpsuit and prints aplenty.

victoria beckham new york fashion week

It’s a new era of Beckham and we couldn’t be more ready.

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