Victoria Beckham’s Company Reportedly Files $7.7 Million Loss

Despite making $61.3 million in 2015

Despite making a whopping $61.3 million in 2015, it still wasn’t enough for Victoria Beckham to turn a profit, with the designer filing a reported $AU7.7 million loss.

According to The Sun, the former Spice Girl filed the loss despite receiving approximately $AU11 million from husband David Beckham’s company, DB Ventures.

David’s company reportedly posted a $AU44 million profit for the year, with paperwork referring to “a £3million pledge — along with Beckham Brand Holdings Ltd, to secure the banking arrangements of Victoria Beckham Ltd”. 

It also stated: “At the balance sheet date, the amount owed by Victoria Beckham Limited was £6,671,744.”

A spokesperson for Beckham Brand Holdings told Mail Online: “This misrepresents how their business operate. 

“There is a private holding company (Beckham Brand Holdings Ltd), owned equally by Victoria, David and Simon Fuller’s XIX, which oversees all the Beckham businesses which reports a substantial profit for 2015. 

“These businesses may be funded in different ways at any point in time, which may entail a mixture of bank debt, intercompany loans or equity investment.” 

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