Victoria Beckham’s Logo T-Shirt Sends A Sassy Message To Her Critics

Never let it be said that Posh doesn’t have a sense of humour

Beyond being Posh Spice, wife to David Beckham and founder of her eponymous fashion empire, Victoria Beckham is famous for one thing: she never, ever smiles.

Even as a Spice Girl, Beckham was the one who always looked icy when the rest of the team were beaming.

Becks has copped a lot of flack from the press and public alike for her perpetually sullen demeanour, something she addressed in a Vogue video interview, when she said she’s ‘smiling on the inside.’

Meanwhile, her Instagram account has given everyone a glimpse into the real woman behind the dark sunglasses and total lack of expression: a woman who actually, isn’t afraid to have a laugh – even at herself.

Her outfit choice on arrival at LAX airport yesterday confirms it: Beckham teamed a pair of wide-leg black trousers and black shades with a T-shirt that cheekily addressed everyone’s major criticism of her:

We love.

Even better: Beckham isn’t just wearing the statement tee, she designed it, too. It’s currently available as part of her Victoria diffusion line, and retails for $US150.

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