Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Victoria Beckham?

We just love VB - mother of reinvention

Remember when Victoria Beckham was the Spice Girl who never smiled in photos, and was nicknamed Posh? No? Thought not. Because these days, she is a totally different cultural proposition.

Victoria Beckham at 42 is a fashion superstar who somehow manages to seem totally relatable, even though she lives in a giant house in London’s Holland Park and is married to the most famous footballer in the world.

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And yet VB comes across like someone cool and fun you could drink rose with. This is quite the PR feat, because she probably only drinks activated almond milk prepared by her chef (no one gets a body like that from wine).

It doesn’t matter. Quite simply, we love her.

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Here are some reasons why: she’s a working mother of three, and the kick-ass CEO of her own highly successful luxury brand. Which she made herself. Through hard work and singular vision. Her kids, BTW, are adorable. She has a sense of humour: in interviews she merrily takes the mick out of everything from her thinness and her pouty-ness to her WAG life. And have you seen this woman’s airport style? No one does it better.

But this is the big one: Victoria Beckham makes clothes women really want to wear.

On Sunday, with David and Brooklyn sitting front row next to Anna Wintour, she presented a loose and languid collection that echoed the new casual note to her own wardrobe we’ve been seeing her rock over summer. Starting with a white pleated satin outfit that brought new meaning to that overused fashion term: effortless chic, and moving through draped velvet in coral and lilac, easy stripes and relaxed, cleverly cut shirting, she accessorised her all this laid-back loveliness with slouchy knee-high boots. SUMMER BOOTS!

Posh clothes, with just the right amount of spice.

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