‘Working From Home Fits’ Is The Wholesome New Instagram Account You Need To Follow

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With most of the world in lockdown and self-quarantined to stop the spread of COVID-19, an emerging new fashion trend has come to light. Titled the ‘work from home fit‘, social media users globally are sharing what they’re wearing as their daily work uniform – including, but not limited to, dressing up for no reason, mismatched shoes and non-work appropriate tees, luxurious two-piece sets and pyjamas. 

The trend really has no rules.

Realising quickly the growing demand for work from home fit content, Instagram account @wfhfits was formed. The account started asking users for submissions, with people even sharing the inspirations behind the looks. 

The account, which has already spiked up to 2,000 followers since it launched on March 13, was founded by a group of London and New York fashion editors, per The GuardianAmong the featured include designer Susan Alexandra, stylist Jordan Bickham, The New Yorker writer Naomi Fry, author Mordechai Rubinestein and canine fashion influencer Boobie Billie. 

The captions also provide a fun and quirky addition to the already wholesome page, written in all caps and featuring random refrences: “HITS THE RUG CUZ THATS HER PLANS PLANS PLANS PLANS SHE’S WEARIN ALL MY FAVORITE BRANDS BRANDS BRANDS BRANDS”. 

In a time of such chaos and uncertainty, Instagram has shifted from the usually picture-perfect lives of the influencer set to show a much more realistic picture of the world. Instead of immaculate mirror selfies and #ootd style shots, we’re gifted with an inside look into how others are coping with the mass shutdowns and self-isolation. 

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