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The Best Reactions To Last Night’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

'Let's just take a look at the pattern of Jarrod's types here...'

It’s been a big week in Paradise and it’s not over yet. That’s right we’re being treated to four whole episodes of Bachelor In Paradise this week.

Last night saw Laurina reject the opportunity to take someone on a date, instead opting for a little pampering and relaxation. Go girl. (We’ve since found out that she chose to leave the show following this episode due to heartbreaking circumstances.)

Then there was the arrival of two new contestants in Elora, who Megan had her eye on and Simone, who sent Jarrod into a spin, both ladies were from Matty J’s season of The Bachelor.

Keira then goes on the rampage towards Grant after he tells Jarrod that she is stringing him along… drama.

Here are the best reactions to last night’s ep

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