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Does The Honey Badger Pop The Question In The Bachelor Finale?

All signs point to yes

Despite rumours swirling that Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins has already split from the winner of this season The Bachelor, now it seems that things were more serious than we all thought.

According to NW, the Badge is set to wed his lucky lady, with the pair take part in a commitment ceremony in this year’s finale. 

An insider reportedly told the publication that Cummins told producers he was ready to pop the question and make it official.

“We thought it was a joke,” said the source. “But he said he just wanted to ‘make her his missus’ – and told the crew to call in ‘any old celebrant’ who could make it happen.”

“I’ve got a much better understanding now of what love is to me,” Cummins told the magazine previously, before hinting that might have popped the question.

“Going into the show, I would say that I would not propose – not even in a million years. But since living it…”

While the show has teased the finale, which shows the bachelor holding a ring, multiple reports have suggested the couple – whoever they may be – have already split.

We’re currently four episodes in and the main contenders for the Bachie’s heart appear to be Brittany, Brooke and dark horse Dasha

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