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Bachelorette Intruder Stu Laundy Says Chasing Sophie Monk Is “A Risk”

And reveals who his biggest competition is

Last night on The Bachelorette, Sophie and the guys were surprised by four new contestants, as the intruders stormed the mansion.

The lads didn’t seem too stressed about the newbies – that is, until Stu Laundy stepped out holding a bottle of champagne. 

Stu, who has already been labelled the season’s frontrunner, had actually met Sophie before show, once inviting her to spend the day on his luxury yacht.

Oh, did we mention he’s worth $500 million?

“It’s a risk for someone like me to go on the show,” Laundy, who has four daughters to his previous marriage, told The Daily Telegraph. “I ummed and aahed a lot but what got me over the line was that I just thought I saw something in Soph.”

 “When I first met her it was excellent and I really wanted to meet her again, and I had to go through the rigmarole to do it.” 

 “I’ve been pretty clear that I enjoyed married life with my ex-wife. I enjoyed my children and it wasn’t my decision (to end the relationship). I was heartbroken. But you don’t want to be lonely so I’ve been trying to meet someone,” Stu said of his family.

And on being pegged as the man set to win Soph’s heart? Stu says that Apollo is serious competition. “I don’t know anyone in the world who wouldn’t want to be with that guy. He’s one of the best guys you’ll meet.” Aww.

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