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Fashion Designer Says Don Burke Tried To Force Her Into Bed With Him

“Don came up behind me and hooked his legs around my legs”
burke's backyard don burkeChannel Nine

Yet another allegation against Don Burke has come to light, with fashion designer and interior decorator Julie Neilson sharing her “traumatic incident” with the former Channel 9 TV host.

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Neilson’s home was being filmed for an episode of Burke’s Backyard, 9 News reports, when the TV host, who has more than 50 serious allegations against him, made crude comments and pushed her onto her bed.

“He stepped inside and said ‘G’day Jules, I bet you could shock a bad boy. Do you take it up the arse or what?” Neilson told A Current Affair.

He then pushed her into wearing a minidress she had designed, despite her refusals, reports. “He must have said it 10 or 15 times – ‘put the dress on, put the dress on, put the dress on,’” she recalls.

don burke julie neilson
(Credit: A Current Affair)

The ordeal intensified during a filming break, when Neilson says Burke tried to push her into bed. “When I was standing at the end of the bed talking about this and the other, Don came up behind me and hooked his legs around my legs, and pushed me in the small of my back about five or six times, trying to get me on the bed,” she says.

“It was disgusting, you wouldn’t accept that behavior from anyone – I’d only known him for half an hour and he was just full on, he was a real bully.”

Burke denied Neilson’s claims, and that of other women, on A Current Affair this week.

Olympic swimmer Susie O’Neill shared a similar account of Burke’s behaviour when showed up at her house for filming earlier this week.

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