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Olympian Susie O’Neill Accuses Don Burke Of Making ‘Crude And Belittling’ Comments

"It was crude and it was belittling"

Following on from Monday’s explosive allegations that Don Burke indecently assaulted and sexually harassed a number of women, another chilling story about the TV host has come to light. 

Speaking to Fairfax, Olympic swimmer Susie O’Neill recounted the time she met Burke and two male crew members at her Brisbane home for some filming ahead of the 2000 Olympics. 

O’Neill told the publication that Burke asked: “Is your c*** as big as that?” when she stood in front of a large flower painting.

The swimmer recounts the encounter as being “crude and it was belittling”. 

Her manager Nick Cummins told Fairfax that O’Neill “was intimidated by the crude sexual innuendo”.

Susie Oneill
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Cummins said he alerted Channel Nine’s management and personally contacted the Burke’s Backyard host.

“Burke was so convincing in his denials,” he alleges.  

As reports, O’Neill’s management attempted to retract the segment after Burke’s alleged comments, but it made it to air. 

Burke has denied the allegations about his behaviour published by Fairfaxsaying he is “deeply hurt and outraged” by the allegations.

Speaking to A Current Affair on Monday night, Burke told Tracy Grimshaw: “I’m guessing it’s the social media, the ‘Twittersphere’ thing, I guess they’ve stirred this up because of the Harvey Weinstein thing and we’ve got a witch hunt.”

He added: “I am happy to say to the people of Australia: this is my story, make up your mind if I’m the most evil person that’s ever lived, that’s your decision”.

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