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Father Pens Heartbreaking Open Letter After Manchester Bombing

"When and only when you are ready, sing again"

In the wake of Manchester’s deadly terror attacks on Monday, singer Ariana Grande tweeted that she was “broken” by the tragedy and “so so sorry”.

And now, American father-of-three Patrick Millsap has written an emotional open letter to the singer that offers her some solace—and advice.

“Dear Miss Grande, I am the father of three daughters — ages 13, 12 & 12. So, you have been a part of our family for years,” Mr Millsap starts the letter.

“Since you are a part of our family and after reading a tweet you posted on the Twitter the other night; I’m afraid I need to set you straight girl. So listen up and receive some redneck love from a daddy of daughters.”

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The father assured Grande that she is in no way to blame for the attack at Manchester Arena that left 22 people dead.

“You are no more responsible for the actions of an insane coward who committed an evil act in your proximity than you would be for a devastating natural disaster or acts of morons near your hotel,” he advised.

An touching tribute to the fallen

Millsap encouraged the singer to take strength from her family and friends before going public.  

“When and only when you are ready, SING AGAIN. Music is the international language of peace,” he wrote. “Every time you open your mouth and share that incredible God-given gift to the world, you make this crappy world a little less crappy.”

Mr Millsaps is a film producer who lives in Georgia. His letter, which was shared on Twitter, has since received over 9,200 likes and 5,500 retweets.

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