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Horror Video Captures Moment Of Explosion At Ariana Grande Concert

Warning: distressing footage

Horrific footage capturing the exact moment a blast went off at the Manchester arena where Ariana Grande was performing on Monday has been posted online.

Filmed during Grande’s performance, a loud “bang” can be heard, followed by the screams of fans inside the arena.

The frantic cries “What’s going on?” and “Oh my god!” is audible as thousands of fans rush from their seats and run towards the stadium exits.

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Police confirmed 19 people are dead following the blasts at around 10.25pm BST. 

British Transport Police said the explosion occurred “within the foyer area of the stadium”, the BBC reports.

59 people have been taken to six hospitals across Manchester, while others were treated at the scene.

According to The Guardian, investigators are treating the incident as a terrorist attack “until police know otherwise”.

Prime Minister Theresa May also condemned the situation as “an appalling terrorist attack”. 

Meanwhile singer Ariana Grande opened up about the devastating explosion that tore through her concert, saying she feels “broken”. She tweeted:

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More to come.

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