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This Game Of Thrones Theory Has Us Convinced Sansa and Tyrion Will Rule The Iron Throne

So. Much. Sense.

We’ve all read our fair share of Game of Thrones theories over the past six years, but trust us, this is the big one. 

Everyone seems pretty sure that Daenerys Targaryen and her nephew/lover Jon Snow will sit on the Iron Throne by the end of season eight. This is “the song of “ice and fire” after all, which always seemed a little too obvious. 

Digital Spy has uncovered an amazing theory that means Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister will eventually rule the Seven Kingdoms – and it’s based on real life history. 

True fans of Game of Thrones know the show/books are based on the English War of the Roses between the Lancasters (*cough* Lannisters) and the Yorks (aka Starks). The two houses feuded for the English throne, swapping monarchs in and out for years until they merged in marriage to create the Tudors. So far, Westeros’ line of succession has followed that history:

1. Robert Baratheon is clearly Henry VIII, a once handsome king who put on a lot of weight – a womaniser who eventually suffered from a festering wound.
2. Joffrey stands in for Henry VIII’s successor, a blond young boy who was rumoured to have been poisoned. After him came Tommen/Edward VI, a strawberry blonde. 
3. Cersei stands in for Queen Mary I, better known as murderous “Bloody Mary.”

(Credit: HBO/Helen Sloan)

Following this pattern, the next in line is a stand-in for Elizabeth I, who has more in common with Sansa than her red hair. We call Elizabeth’s reign the golden age because she ruled with wise counsel and fairness. Sound familiar? 

Honestly, we wouldn’t mind if Sansa takes the Throne, she’s certainly endured enough to have earned it.

And Tyrion? He fits in because the War of the Roses ended by combining the warring houses – and the pair are kinda-sorta-could be still married.

Between Sansa ruling the North in Jon’s absence and Tyrion’s deep concern for a royal heir, we’re gonna go ahead and call this one a good bet (sorry Danny). 

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