This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Death Theory Has Fans Terrified


Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones saw two lovebirds finally unite with what has been dubbed the best sex scene in GOT history.

Grey Worm and his crush Missandei, who are loyal followers of Daenerys Targaryen, finally got it on after two whole seasons of build up (read: sexy eyes across the room).


And, because Game of Thrones is Game of Thrones, that sweet, tender moment had fans quickly come to the conclusion that one, or both, of them, is likely to lose their head really damn soon. 

Sorry to tell you, but it gets worse. The fan theory is so accurate that they’ve guessed exactly who dies and exactly when.

Are you ready for it? On tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones your favourite Unsullied sweetheart, Greyworm, dies.

This terrifying theory isn’t based solely on the fact that he just got it ‘awn’ with his lady, either. 

Greyworm is heading off into danger. He’s about to lead the Unsullied against the Lannisters at Casterley Rock, which is already bad news, but made worse by the fact that Yara and Ellaria, who were planning to take on King’s Landing at the same time, have been halted in their tracks. 

Basically, there’s, sadly, a really good chance Greyworm won’t make it out alive.


Prepare the tissues. 

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