Where Are The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Now?

From weddings to new teams.
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Finishing Netflix’s new bingeable doco-series America’s Sweethearts: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders leads to immediately googling where our favourite cheerleaders are now.

From moving cities to tying the knot, every Dallas Cowboys cheerleader’s journey has been different.

Below, find out where your favourite Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are now.

Victoria Kalina

Victoria Kalina.
(Credit: Instagram)

Veteran cheerleader Victoria Kalina won over fans for her bright personality and openness about her various mental health challenges, including depressing and eating disorders, while being on the team.

At the end of the series, Victoria made the decision to leave the team after four years.

The decision was not one taken lightly since cheerleaders usually serve five years on the team before retiring.

Since leaving the squad, Victoria shared that she has relocated to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a Rockette.

“I’ve always known that after cheering for the Cowboys I wanted to continue my dance journey in New York City,” she shared in a YouTube video.

“I might go up there and hate it, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen because I’ve been dreaming of New York City being my home forever.

“And I’m so excited to say that is finally happening.”

Follow Victoria on Instagram here: @victoriakalina

Reece Weaver

Reece from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
Reece on her wedding day. (Credit: @reece_christinee & @whitemagnoliabridal )

Reece started the season as a DCC rookie but it looks like she’s going to be continuing her journey with the team, as she appears to be part of the ‘show group.’

Aside from cheering, Reece is also a married woman after tying the knot with her college boyfriend Will Allman.

Follow Reece on Instagram here: @reece_christinee

Charly Barby

Charly from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
(Credit: @charly.barby)

It’s safe to say that most viewers wiped a tear away when Charly was cut from DCC Training Camp.

However, The DCC Instagram revealed that Charly hadn’t given up on her dreams to make the squad and is currently auditioning for the 2024 team.

Fingers crossed for her.

Follow Charly on Instagram here: @charly.barby

Anna Kate Sundvold

Anna Kate Sundvold
(Credit: @annakatesundvold and @dccheerleaders )

After making the DCC team in 2023, its been confirmed that she’s re-auditioning for a veteran spot this year.

She’s also still working in financial planning services, and has recently celebrated her four-year anniversary with boyfriend Michael Snyder.

Follow Anna Kate on Instagram here: @annakatesundvold

Kelcey Wetterberg

Kelcey Dallas Cowboys
(Credit: @kelcey_w)

DCC veteran and team captain Kelcey Wetterberg has wrapped up her tenure with the DCC team.

Now that she’s finished with cheering, Kelcey is continuing to work as a full-time nurse and is also due to marry her fiancé this year.

Follow Kelcey on Instagram here: @kelcey_w

Ariana McClure

Kelcey Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
(Credit: @arimcclure)

Our hearts broke for Ari when she was cut from Training Camp due to being too short.

Fortunately, Ari hasn’t given up on her dreams of being an NFL cheerleader and is officially part of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders team.

Follow Ariana on Instagram here: @arimcclure

Caroline Sundvold

Caroline Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
(Credit: @carolinesundvold)

On Americas Sweethearts, Caroline Sundvold was introduced as a recent DCC retiree who was struggling to figure out what to do next.

In the time since, Caroline had started working as an account manager for medical equipment manufacturer, Stryker.

Follow Caroline on Instagram here: @carolinesundvold

We’re hoping we’re going to catch up with all of the cheerleaders in Season Two.

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