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Gretel Killeen’s Heartfelt Message To Children Of Regretful Parents

"I don't want children watching this thinking that they're not bringing joy to their families"

Last night, The Project touched on a part of motherhood which is rarely discussed: the regret some women feel after having children. 

Host Carrie Bickmore revealed they had been overwhelmed by the amount of mothers who anonymously admitted to wishing they had never had their kids. 

“I thought that having a baby would make me happy,” mother-of-two Renee said on the show. “I do not resent my child but I do resent that having a child did, essentially, trap me.”

“I’ve never experienced what it’s like to be free,” she continued. 

Another mum, who wrote in anonymously, said: “I absolutely love my son to the moon and back and I would do anything for him, however, I absolutely hate being a parent.”

Someone else wrote, “my son is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. Most days I’m sitting wondering what my life would be like if I’d had an abortion.”

Following the segment, guest host Gretel Killeen addressed any children who may have been tuned into the show.

“I want to say to any kids out there watching, while it is hard raising a lot of you, raising my children was the happiest years of my life,” she started.

“I raised mine as a single mum. It was really bloody hard, but I never regretted it. I don’t want children watching this thinking that they’re not bringing joy to their families.”

“It is hard and support is important and recognising women’s roles… I know the battles; I’ve fought them. But it was worth it.”

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