This Is The Simple Handbag Trick That Changed Carrie Bickmore’s Life

She shared her secret on The Project

On Channel Ten’s The Project the other night, Carrie Bickmore addressed an issue that many women face on a daily basis: rummaging through your handbag.

It may seem trivial, but actually a recent study has found that 35% of women can spend up to 81 days of their life searching through their handbags for something that’s missing.

According to the Daily MailPilot Pen Australia conducted a study of about 1,500 Australian women finding that 34.5% of women spend about five minutes a day searching through their handbag – which adds up to 81 days in their lifetime. 

18.5% of women spent 10 minutes looking through their bag everyday which adds up to 162 days in their lifetime, while only 3.7% of women said they already knew where to find everything.

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When Carrie Bickmore raised the study on the show, she revealed the secret that has stopped her looking through her bag so much.

She said the secret was to downsize to a smaller handbag.

“I realised my handbag weighed more than my child!” Bickmore said.

“I had, like, tiny Teddies, knickers, power cords, one shoe – so much stuff I didn’t need. Now I only have a little thing. It changed my life.”

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While some of the other panellists were surprised that it was such an issue, Bickmore said that it was particularly bad for mums, because there’s so much to keep track of.

“When you have a kid, we carry it all in our bags,” she said.

Sounds like this smaller handbag trick is worth giving a try!

This article originally appeared in InStyle Australia

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