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This 17-Year-Old Is A Dead Ringer For Jennifer Lawrence

You seriously can’t tell them apart

There are plenty of celebrity doppelgängers doing the rounds – take Selena Gomez 2.0, or this Taylor Swift lookalike – but 17-year-old model Alexia Maier looks so scarily similar to actress Jennifer Lawrence, she’s found herself surrounded by paparazzi.

“At first I thought it was a joke when people started saying I looked like Jennifer Lawrence,” Maier told the Daily Mail. “But when I started getting dozens of comments about my J-Law similarities, I started to realise myself.”

She goes on to recall times she’s been mobbed by J-Law fans on New York City streets.

“One of my favourite examples is when a woman said, “Jennifer, I’m your biggest fan!’” she remembers. “I told her, ‘I’m not Jennifer!’ but the woman immediately said, ‘Are you sure?’ I’ll never forget her reaction.”

With a resemblance this uncanny, we’re not at all surprised.

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