This Korean beauty blogger can make herself look EXACTLY like Taylor Swift

And she doesn’t stop there…

The world (or more accurately, Instagram) is full of Kardashian Klones – girls who perfectly emulate the brow shape, facial contours and hairstyles of Kim, Kylie, Khloe et al.

But South Korean beauty vlogger Hye-Min Park, the genius behind uber-popular Instagram account Ponys Makeup, takes things one step further.

Her YouTube tutorials demonstrate how she can completely transform herself into modern-day celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift, Allure has discovered.

Armed with myriad products, coloured contact lenses and an expert hand, Park ends up looking uncannily like the stars whose looks she seeks to recreate. We are still getting over her Taylor Swift tutorial:

Not to mention her take on Kylie Jenner:

Scary? Yes. Genius? Completely.

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