Ever Dreamt Of Attending A Chanel Beauty Event? Here’s Your Chance

CHANEL fans rejoice!

Do you consider yourself a fragrance enthusiast? A die-hard Chanel fan? Or simply a Sydneysider looking for something new and fabulous to do? You’re in luck.  Legacy fashion and beauty brand Chanel have opened their famed doors to the public, hosting a series of complimentary Parfumeur Masterclasses.

A purveyor of all things style and luxury, Chanel’s exclusive masterclass gives attendees a rare glimpse into the captivating world of haute perfumery. You’ll learn about houses’ storied history, ingredient fundamentals and the meticulous craftsmanship behind the brand’s iconic fragrance suite.

Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL.

Juxtaposing Sydney’s bustling CBD scape, enter a transformed event space that emulates the brand’s sophisticated palette and classic Parisian roots. As you waltz through Chanel’s iconic storefront, a waft of the brand’s beloved No.5 fragrance fills the air, the ultimate olfactory experience. You’ll be met with a series of intricate and thought-provoking installations (that frankly, could belong in the Louvre) as you begin your fragrance education with the brand’s core Les Exclusifs de Chanel offering.

Follow through to an intimate room where the masterclass takes place. Chanel’s fragrance specialist will take you through an interactive workshop that transports you to significant touchpoints for the brand spanning from visionary Coco Chanel’s humble roots to present day. Anchored of course by the house’s beloved fragrances.

Little know anecdotes and titbits make for an enthralling experience. A personal favourite was that of British polo player Arthur “Boy” Capel who was Coco Chanel’s muse for the illustrious fragrance Boy EDP. Much like their passionate love affair, the scent Boy is layered with romantic notes of powdery lavender and fresh geranium accord met with impactful notes of wood.

Also on the agenda, is a an in-depth exploration of, arguably the most loved perfume in the world, Chanel N°5 with attention to it’s unique composition and timeless allure.

Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL.

Attendees left with insights into the artistry and craftsmanship behind high-end perfumery and undoubtedly a deeper appreciation for Chanel fragrances. It’s evident why their fragrances have resonated so strongly amongst generations.

To finish the lavish experience, the brand is offering personalized consultations to pair you with your perfect Chanel fragrance.​ Heaven!

CHANEL Parfumeur Masterclass sessions are running until Sunday, 14 July at BETA, 238 Castlereagh St, Sydney, 2000. Sessions for the masterclass can be booked HERE.

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