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All The 2019 ‘Married At First Sight’ Cast On Instagram

Happy stalking!
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Married At First Sight season is upon us, and although the series offers up enough drama and chaos all on it’s own, we all know the real story happens on Insta. 

We’ve scoured the social platform and tracked down the Season 6 cast of Married At First Sight on Instagram for your stalking pleasure. 

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Martha, @marthaa__k

Heidi, @heidslatcham

Ines, @innnnnnes

Jessika, @jessika_power

Lauren, @laurenhuntriss

Jules, @julesrobinson82

Cyrell, @cyrelljimenezpaule

Elizabeth, @lizalizzieelizabeth

Melissa, @mellucarelli

Ning, @ning_sura85

Bronson, @bronson_norrish

Mike, @mikekangaroo

Sam, @who_is_samm

Mark, @thisismarkscrivens

Dino, @dino_hiro

Cameron, @cammerchant

Nic, @nicccj

Mick, @mick_gould86

Michael, @mbrunelli

Matthew – no Instagram!

(Credit: Nine)

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