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Meet The 2023 ‘Married At First Sight’ Australia Cast

Get ready for another season of drama.
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The new year is here, and so is another explosive season of Married At First Sight. Gather ’round, because we have a whole host of new contestants in Australia’s most chaotic reality show to meet. 

Yes—this means more dinner party dramas, cheating scandals, dramatic walk outs and red wine throws to look forward to. 

The show officially returns to our screens on January 30 but before that happens, we have a whole new set of contestants to meet. 

Let’s introduce you to the 10 new brides and 10 new grooms, who will be walking down the Married At First Sight aisle. 

Alyssa Barmonde 

Alyssa is a 35-year-old executive assistant from New South Wales. Before moving to Australia, Alyssa spent her childhood in Utah and was raised a Mormon. She was previously married for seven years and shares a two-year-old son with her ex-partner. 

Instagram: @alyssa_barmonde

Alyssa Barmonde MAFS
Alyssa Barmonde (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Bronte Schofield

Bronte is a 28-year-old online beauty educator from New South Wales. She’s attracted to alpha males but is always finding herself in ‘situationships’ with men who break her heart. Bronte is looking for someone she can hold a conversation with and looks forward to being able to spoil her man. 

Instagram: @_bronteschofield

Bronte Schofield MAFS
Bronte Schofield (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Caitlin McConville

Caitlin, 27, is a makeup artist and nightclub host from Queensland. While Caitlin has to hit the clubs for work, she’s actually a homebody who prefers playing video games than being out all night. After dating too many “douchebags with big egos”, she’s hoping the experts will find her forever person. 

Instagram: @caitlinmcconville

Caitlin McConville MAFS
Caitlin McConville (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Claire Nomarhas

Claire is a 31-year-old kindergarten assistant from Victoria. She was raised in a Greek household and is very close to her grandparents, who also had an arranged marriage. As Claire’s parents are divorced, she’s hoping to follow the path of her grandparents and have a love story that “makes it”.

Instagram: @cforclaire_

Claire Nomarhas MAFS
Claire Nomarhas (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Janelle Han

Janelle is a 28-year-old beauty influencer from Western Australia. She grew up in a very strict Singaporean-Chinese family with high expectations, which mean her family must love and approve of her partner. Living with lupus also means that she’s feeling the pressure of her biological clock. 

Instagram: @janellemyh

Janelle Han
Janelle Han (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Lyndall Grace 

Lyndall is a 27-year-old accountant from Western Australia. She lives with cystic fibrosis and at one stage, never thought that she’d make it to the age of 30. With new medicine that dramatically extends her life expectancy and gives her the same lung capacity of someone without cystic fibrosis, Lyndall is now ready to experience everything that life has to offer. 

Instagram: @10dall

Lyndall Grace
Lyndall Grace (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Melissa Sheppard

Melissa is a 41-year-old hairdresser from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She’s been married before and co-parents her son with her ex-husband. Melissa lives a busy and social life, is comfortable with her sexuality and expects her partner to keep up with her in the bedroom. 

Instagram: @mel_sheppard1

Melissa Sheppard
Melissa Sheppard (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Melinda Willis 

Melinda is a 32-year-old CEO from Queensland. She describes herself as an alpha female who doesn’t suffer fools. Despite her tough exterior, Melinda can also be very emotional and ‘get in her head’ about small things. She’s looking for an equally ambitious man who understands her lifestyle, is patient and not clingy. 

Instagram: @melindarichelle 

Melinda Willis
Melinda Willis (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Sandy Jawanda 

Sandy, 36, is a dental hygienist from Victoria. She grew up in a strict Indian family and has had very little experience with men. Sandy is now hoping to fast-track her experience with someone who can respect her boundaries and help her overcome her fears. 

Instagram: @sandyjawanda

Sandy Jawanda
Sandy Jawanda (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Tahnee Cook 

Tahnee is a 27-year-old PR manager from New South Wales. She’s sick of dating apps and ‘situationships,’ and is looking for something real. Tahnee is also half Thai and the quickest way to her heart is through Thai cooking. 

Instagram: @itstahnee

Tahnee Cook
Tahnee Cook (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Adam Seed

35-year-old Adam is a business owner from Queensland. He was previously engaged to a girlfriend, who he was with for ten years, before realising that he was too young to settle down. Now he’s ready to find something meaningful with someone again. 

Instagram: @adam_seed13

Adam Seed
Adam Seed (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Cameron Woods 

Cameron is a 27-year-old carpenter who works in remote communities in the Northern Territory. His job can involve spending months at a time almost 600km away from the nearest grocery store, which might be part of the reason that Cam’s never had a girlfriend. 

Instagram: @yepcams_on

Cameron Woods
Cameron Woods (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Dan Hunjas 

Dan is a 42-year-old digital marketing business owner from the Gold Coast. Having worked hard for his success, Dan is now proudly semi-retired and enjoys an active lifestyle on the beach. He’s also the father of a 16-year-old girl. 

Instagram: @danhunj

Dan Hunjas
Dan Hunjas (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Duncan James 

Duncan, 36, is a regional director of Cyber Security Sales from New South Wales. With parents who have been married for 44 years, Duncan’s looking for a love story that lasts. He believes that growing up with two older sisters has helped him understand women on a deeper level. 

Instagram: @duncan__james

Duncan James
Duncan James (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Harrison Boon 

Harrison is a 32-year-old builder from New South Wales. The single dad has a dry sense of humour and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s already the father of a three-year-old but is open to having more children with the right person. 

Instagram: @harrison_boon_

Harrison Boon
Harrison Boon (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Jesse Burford 

Jesse is a 30-year-old marriage celebrant from Perth. After officiating over 500 weddings, Jesse is looking for his own happily-ever-after. However, he admits that he’s fussy and gets “the ick” quickly if his date isn’t perfect. 

Instagram: @jesse_burford

Jesse Burford
Jesse Burford (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Josh White

Josh, 40, is an advertising client director from New South Wales. He’s a self proclaimed “station wagon” of relationships (stable and dependable) and is hoping to find someone he can establish an emotional connection with.

Instagram: @whitej81

Josh White
Josh White (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Layton Mills 

Layton is a 35-year-old CEO from New South Wales who is looking for someone to grow his empire with. His most recent business venture involves medicinal cannabis for pets. As the only single person in his group of friends, Layton is ready to find his perfect match. 

Instagram: @laymills

Layton Mills
Layton Mills (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Ollie Skelton 

Ollie, 26, is a voice-over artist from Western Australia. Despite being part of the dating app generation, Ollie isn’t a fan of swiping for love. He was raised by three women (his mum and two sisters) and looking for a “strong, independent and patient woman”, to build a life with. 

Instagram: @skeltonollie

Ollie Skelton
Ollie Skelton (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

Shannon Adams 

Shannon is a 30-year-old personal trainer from Victoria with a three-year-old daughter. After ending an “on-again off-again relationship” with his ex, Shannon has spent the last year working on himself and is ready to find love again. He’s looking for someone who accepts him just as he is.

Instagram: @shan_adams_44

Shannon Adams
Shannon Adams (Credit: Source:Channel Nine)

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