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Prince William Praises The Queen For Making A Difference In “A Man’s World”

He opens up about his grandmother during a Christmas TV special

Prince William has always had strong women role models in his life. And he has a lot of respect for them. 

During his appearance on Mary Berry’s A Berry Royal Christmas TV special, Mary and William visited a homeless charity, Passage, together.

While there, Mary asked William about why he is so dedicated to his charitable work.

“I personally get a lot out of helping people. I find that you hear and you understand and you learn so much more by giving a bit of your time, a bit of your day, to just be around.”

A Berry Royal Christmas

William credits his parents for his humanitarian values.

“Growing up, both of my parents were hugely charitable. My father set up the Prince’s Trust. He’s involved in so many different organisations,” the Duke of Cambridge said.

“My mother has done her work with homelessness and Aids and other charities and I think I’ve grown up in a household which has been very much a case of, ‘Well, we’re very lucky – you must give back.’”

William also gave a shout out to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who he admires for making her mark in “a man’s world”.

“My grandmother becoming Queen at a very young age, in the days when it was a man’s world, it was very difficult for her to make a difference. And she’s done it. In her own very unique, distinct way, and you know, my grandmother and my grandfather together are the epitome of public service.”

A Berry Royal Christmas follows Prince William, Kate Middleton and cooking legend Mary Berry as they prepare to host a Christmas feast for volunteers who are giving up their time to help the needy over the holiday period.

Kate and Will will also take Mary behind the scenes as they visit charities that are near and dear to the royal couple. 

A Berry Royal Christmas airs in the UK on Monday 16 December. It’s unknown yet if it will air in Australia.

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