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Kate Middleton And Prince William Are Doing A Christmas Cooking TV Special

They’ll be joining forces with cooking legend Mary Berry

The rumours were true. Kate Middleton is joining forces with her friend, cooking legend Mary Berry, to create a Christmas cooking special in the name of charity.

But the part we didn’t see coming…Prince William will also make an appearance!

The royal couple will appear on Mary’s A Berry Royal Christmas where they’ll throw a party for the volunteers who will be working with charities to help the needy over Christmas.

Airing on BBC One on December 16, the TV special will show Kate and Will taking Mary around to key charities they support to meet some of the recipients whose lives have been changed by the charities.

Mary will tag along with Kate and Will as they visit numerous charities that the royal couple is heavily involved with. Kate and Mary go behind the scenes at RHS Wisley, where Kate specially-designed a garden that promotes a happy, healthy lifestyle for children; while Will takes Mary to The Passage, which is a resource centre for homeless and insecurely housed people.

Telling Mary of the giving spirit his parents and grandmother Queen Elizabeth II have always bestowed onto him, William says, “I think I’ve grown up in a household which has been very much a case of ‘well, we’re very lucky — you must give back.’ ”

“And I personally get a lot out of helping people. I find that you hear and you understand and you learn so much more by giving a bit of your time, a bit of your day, to just be around.”

We’ll also see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the kitchen, helping to cook for and set up for the Christmas party. Mary (from A Great British Bake Off) will prepare some of her favourite festive recipes for the charitable feast.

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