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The Bachelorette’s Ryan Reveals The Truth About His Shock Exit

And shares his pick to win

Although he was labelled a “villain” by many Bachelorette viewers, Ryan Jones insists his decision to leave the mansion on Thursday night’s episode came from a place of honesty and integrity.

After a heated exchange with Sophie Monk, the construction foreman made an expletive-filled exit from the rose ceremony (“It’s f***in’ bull****!”) and left the show entirely.

But speaking to marie claire, Ryan reveals there was a lot of footage that didn’t make it to air. 

“We were there talking for an hour and we had a real adult conversation,” he says. “When we came to the conclusion that it was best that I go, I wished her nothing but happiness. We said our goodbyes, I gave her a kiss goodbye and left.”

He insists his outburst was not targeted at Sophie.

“I’d love to see a camera on my face and see everything that got beeped out, because obviously we understand TV edits, but I don’t remember it going down like that. And if it did, it certainly wasn’t directed at Sophie, it would have been frustration,” he says.

“At the end of the day, Sophie’s here to find love and unfortunately we couldn’t find it between us. I thought I’d be upfront and honest and let her know how I was feeling, and go from there.”

Why Ryan went on The Bachelorette if he’s such a ‘private person’

While he knew a relationship forged on The Bachelorette would be anything but low key, Ryan was willing to give love a chance.

“How did I know what it was going to be like if I didn’t give it a try? Looking at Georgia Love and Sam Frost, for me it was an opportunity to meet an amazing woman,” he says.

“If I had developed a connection, that certainly could have changed things and it wouldn’t be a private relationship anymore. But if you love someone, then all the outside noise doesn’t really matter.”

His thoughts on ‘stage 5 clinger’ Jarrod

“I was more focussed on the relationship I was having with Sophie,” Ryan explains about his perspective on Jarrod. “But Sophie’s kept him around so maybe she’s into that and she likes that type of person.” 

Ryan adds that Jarrod wasn’t nearly as clingy with the boys. “He made it known very, very early on that Sophie was the one and he was very interested in her. But I’ll never knock a bloke back for having a crack,” he says.

Ryan weighs in on pot plant-gate

Asked if knows who sabotaged Jarrod’s precious pot plant, the former contestant denies any knowledge, replying simply: “No, I wouldn’t have a clue”.

His pick to win

Ryan hints that intruder publican Stuart Laundy has an excellent shot at taking home the final rose. “By the looks of it they certainly knew each other, whether or not they’ve dated previously, I guess we’ll never know,” Ryan says. “Stu’s a great guy.”

His money is also on “friendly giant” Apollo. “He’s very mature for his age and we had a lot in common,” he marie claire. “I think he’s a great, genuine guy.” 

The new woman in his life

Ryan admits that he has already moved on since walking away from The Bachelorette mansion and has a new girlfriend. “I’m back dating again, which is good. It’s early days but hopefully, it all works out,” he says. 

But after telling Sophie he prefers a woman who “physically, takes pride in her appearance” and doesn’t swear, we couldn’t help but ask: does Ryan’s new squeeze love track pants and dropping the F-bomb?

As it turns out, “she does”. 

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