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Sara Connor And Boyfriend David Taylor Interrogated Over Bali Murder

The pair have updated their stories about what happened the night the police officer was killed.

Australian woman Sara Connor and British man David Taylor were accused of murdering a police officer in Bali, and gave varying accounts of what happened over the past couple of days.

Taylor fought the policeman on the beach, and Connor denies any role in the killing, saying she tried to separate the two. The fight broke out when the couple were kissing on the beach and noticed that Connor’s handbag was gone.

At first, Taylor and Connor denied details and gave explanations that didn’t make sense, however after Connor faced nine hours of questioning and Taylor had 12 hours of interrogations, their lawyers say they’ve finally come out with the truthful side of the story. reports the details Taylor’s lawyer Haposan Sihombing gave last night.

“When Sara tried to separate them David saw binoculars. David hit the victim with binoculars. After hitting the victim with binoculars, David asked ‘where is my bag?’ and the victim said ‘there’.

“After that David stood up and went toward the place pointed by the victim. Suddenly the man pulled his leg and David fell down. When he fell down David’s hand touch a sharp object which was used to hit the victim. Then he saw a mobile phone and hit the victim with that. He also saw a beer bottle and hit it to the back of the head of the victim. The victim stopped fighting.”

Connor also claims that the victim bit her thigh and hand during the fight while she had tried to separate them. Taylor kept hitting him and eventually the body was motionless.

“The body did not move anymore when he checked. Whether David knew he had died or not, it was not asked (by police),” Mr Sihombing added.

“At around 12am (Friday) they went to a place in Jimbaran by motorbike to burn their clothes that they were wearing on the night. He wrapped all the clothes. After burning it they went to the Australian Consulate.”

The couple are currently facing murder, assault, and battery charges, and could face up to 15 years in jail.

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