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Sophie Monk Reveals The Truth About James’ Elimination On The Bachelorette

She shared the reason why on social media

Australia was left devastated by the unexpected exit of sweet, lovely James on The Bachelorette on Wednesday night. “As if you wouldn’t keep James?! I would choose him over my own boyfriend!!!” one fan Tweeted after the shock decision. 

Many were left scratching their heads as to why the 31-year-old nice guy didn’t receive a rose over some of the remaining contestants. 

Here to answer that question is Sophie Monk herself, who explained on Instagram that she and James were not the perfect match. 

“James is the perfect guy unfortunately I’m not the perfect person for him,” she wrote on Instagram. “He is organised, together and tidy. I’ve dated a guy like him before and I’d do his head in 🙄.”

Sophie added: “He’ll find a better girl than me”.

Meanwhile, James took to Instagram and shared his devastation over two posts. 

“I honestly thought & could see myself standing there with you at the end, it was a shock for me to leave tonight…” he wrote.

“I know the feelings & chemistry were real 🔥 and watching it back on TV just re-confirms this for me… it didn’t work out with us, and that’s completely okay, if it were meant to be it would have been.” 

James explained that he hoped to remain good friends with Sophie. 

“And I honestly have nothing but love & respect for you and hope more than anything we can turn our connection into one that’s best mates as it’d be a shame to let it go completely,” he wrote. 

“[S]omeone out there will like me for me, and by going through this experience it will hopefully lead me to meeting that woman.”

We’re sure James will be snapped up in no time! 

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