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Sophie Turner Is Perfectly Shutting Down Littlefinger Fans On Twitter

Don't mess with the Lady of the North

Game of Thrones‘ highly anticipated season seven finale included the end of Jamie and Cersei, Jon and Dany’s first-ever sex sceneJon Snow’s behind, and the death we’ve all been waiting for.

While the show’s directors tried to trick us into thinking that Sansa or Arya would die during the episode, of course, the Stark sisters stuck together, choosing instead to kill one of the show’s most evil characters, Littlefinger.

Though pretty much the entire world was happy to see the conniving creep get what he deserved, a few Littlefinger fans (yes, apparently they exist) took to Twitter to have a go at Sansa Stark.

“He wanted justice on the society for his humiliation, they looked down on him out of his poor background. He never hurt Sansa,” one person wrote.

However, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on the show, noticed the tweet and quickly replied, writing: “Nah.. just willingly sold her to the Boltons… Who killed her family… who ended up torturing her… but ur right.. no harm done.”

Not keen to give up the fight, even when arguing with one of the show’s main actresses (who clearly knows what she’s talking about), the person replied: “Reminder: Petyr Baelish gave back Winterfell to the Starks. He killed Joffrey. He saved Sansa and Jon. He won the battle of bastartds [sic]”.

Soph – probably getting a bit annoyed now – hit back with: “Because Sansa asked him to (and agreed because he loves her)…. because he owed her…. for selling her to the boltons…. need I say more?”

With no reply from Littlefinger’s number one fan yet, we’re guessing that no, Lady Sansa need not say more.

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