A New Game Of Thrones Series Just Arrived

In the nick of time!

On the back of Game of Thrones‘ highly anticipated season seven finale – which included an epic death scene, the end of Jamie and Cersei, Jon and Dany’s first-ever sex scene, and, most importantly Jon Snow’s behind – HBO just announced another GoT show.

Named ‘Game Revealed,’ the seven-part series, which will be any mega-fan’s dream come true, breaks down the creation of each episode from Season seven, with exclusive interviews with the cast and access to the GoT set.

With the series, fans can “go inside the cold open and learn about the camera tricks that brought Arya’s face-changing revenge to life; see how Cersei’s hand-painted map room was made; and return to the shore of Daenerys’s arrival in Westeros to discover how the Targaryen fortress was created,” HBO said in a statement.

Well, it’s not season eight but tbh, right now we’ll take what we can get.

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