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The Bachelorette’s Blake Speaks Out About Being Considered ‘The Villain’

And responds to dating rumours

While fans were devastated by the shock elimination of James on The Bachelorette on Wednesday night, fewer tears were shed over the departure of Blake last night. 

The 29-year-old was booted from the mansion by Sophie Monk after he failed to “have her back” during her hometown visit, and she was forced to answer a barrage of questions without his support.   

But speaking to marie claire after his elimination, Blake tries to assure us that a lot didn’t go to air from the family visit.  

“We had a barrel of laughs at dinner, it was so funny. My mum gave Sophie her blessing as we walked out,” he explains.

“I should have been more aware that Sophie may have felt uncomfortable because of some of the questions my mum and sister were asking and because she doesn’t know my family. I kind of messed up there. And hence why I got kicked off.”

How did you feel watching Thursday night’s episode—and your dummy spit at the end? 

I watched it at home with my housemate and a couple of mates. I got told about how the episode was going to play out and I thought, ‘Oh, that seems alright’. But then when East coast aired,  I started getting all these hate comments, and I was like, ‘What have I done?!’

Then my housemate, he’s one of my best mates—he will take me down ten pegs if I’ve done something stupid— turns to me when it finished and goes, “Is that it? What the hell is everyone’s problem?” I was freaking out and realised it was actually not that bad, and obviously with a couple of edits, it seems really hectic.

Do you feel like you actually were the villain of the show?  

No, I was just there saying how I thought things were. I never asked for the pot plant saga or anything else—I just saw things and I commented on it. And then that paints me as the villain.

You’ve received a lot of hate on social media from fans. Does that hurt?  

I really don’t give a shit. Even Sophie said this to me, she said: “In three weeks time, no one will remember, you’ll just be that guy that was on The Bachelorette”. I’m happy to let everyone vent over the next week or so, but at the end of the day, everyone who actually knows me, and 50 % of the people who follow me and like me, they understand and get me. I’ve always tried to be the best human being, and that’s exactly who I am.

Have you heard from Sophie since? 

I hit her up and was like, “Sorry for being a dick!” And then she replied back laughing and saying, “Yeah you were funny on the show,” but we’re all good.

How do you respond to accusations that you bullied Jarrod in the house? 

That’s bullshit, I don’t bully at all, I never bully. What you guys don’t see is the confrontation me and Jarrod had. Me and Jarrod still speak now. As much as you see on social media, we do speak, there’s no bad blood there either.

Would Jarrod say the same thing if we asked him?

Yeah, he’d say the same. Because you know he can give as much as he can take.

Who is your pick to win? 

That’s the million dollar question, I really don’t know! Apollo is such an amazing guy, genuine and the biggest gentleman. And Stu is also such a genuine guy and a gentleman too. It depends if Sophie wants the younger guy or the older guy. I have no idea!

Have you been on any dates since leaving the house? 

No, I’m not seeing anyone. And no, I’m not with Tara. I just laughed [when I heard those rumours]. I looked at it and I cracked up. 

Would take another shot at love on a show like The Bachelor In Paradise or Love Island?

Nah, it’s not really my thing. I just want to concentrate on working and other things that are happening.

If it’s not your thing, then why did you go on The Bachelorette?

No, I mean Paradise isn’t.

Got it. What’s coming up next for you? 

I’m just concentrating on working, I’m going to get into short films and stuff like that. Filming is always one of my passions, amongst other things I’m doing.

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