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Bachelorette Runner-Up Jarrod Set To Write A Tell-All Memoir

A tale of unrequited love?

He had a tumultuous time in The Bachelorette mansion – from scoring the first single date to cementing himself as the resident clingy contestant, complete with love plants (“I thought you and I could grow violas together,” he told a stunned Sophie Monk) and the most manic tyre-changing attempt ever broadcast on national television. But Jarrod Woodgate isn’t going to sheepishly retire from the public eye following his second-place finish. According to reports, he’s going to write a book about his experiences.

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“I think I’m going to have to get my sister to go through the wording, the spelling and the abbreviations first, otherwise it won’t be a top-seller,” Woodgate told OK! Magazine of his book publishing plans.

The Daily Mail reports that Woodgate kept a detailed journal throughout his time on The Bachelorette, recording the highs, the lows – and a hefty dose of gossip on his housemates.

“I utilised my time in the house to question the boys,” he says. “So I knew everything that went on.”

Strange? Yes. But would we read it? Absolutely.

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