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According To The Queen, Princess Charlotte Rules The Royal Family

She bosses big brother George around

Although photos of Princess Charlotte are beamed regularly around the world, we know precious little about the youngest member of the royal family – but now Queen Elizabeth II has revealed a glimpse into her personality.

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During a royal engagement in Sandringham, where the Queen was presenting Bibles at a local primary school, she asked 10-year-old student Emily Clay whether she “looked after” her little sister, who was also present.

That prompted her mother, Ellen Clay, to admit that actually, it was the other way around – to which the Queen revealed it was the same in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s household.

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“[The Queen] asked if Emily looked after Hadleigh and I said it was more the other way around,” Ellen told the Daily Mail afterwards. “She said it was like that with Princess Charlotte and Prince George.”

“It is often the case that a younger child is more confident,” her husband added. “It is second child syndrome.”

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