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Zoe Foster Blake Opens Up About How She Fell In Love With Hamish

There wasn't much chemistry at first!

Zoe Foster Blake recently spoke to Good Weekend about everything from her projects to her family life, and she told the story about how she fell in love with husband Hamish Blake.

She met Hamish back when she was 23 and he was 21, at what she described as a ‘horrible men’s deodorant launch thing’. Though they didn’t feel romantic sparks at first, they became fast friends, and Hamish looks back on the moment very fondly.

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“I had never met anyone like her – confident, hilarious, obviously beautiful and very full of fun and life,” he said. “I’ve come to know it as the Zoë magic.”

They spent years as friends, and they were both dating other people for most of that – but things changed after they wrote a dating book together, Textbook Romance.

When they both became single, Zoe started noticing that she was missing Hamish a lot more than usual when they weren’t in the same city. Though Zoe said she didn’t feel any physical chemistry at first (“No offence, honey!”), this soon changed.

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“We had a few conversations and it slowly unravelled,” she said.

They got married in December 2012, and the rest is history! Their son Sonny was born in May 2014, and together they are #familygoals. 

“I love Zo,” Hamish added, “and I probably didn’t compliment her enough on the salmon she cooked the other night, which was excellent.”

Well, if that doesn’t make your heart melt… we don’t know what will!

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