Zoe Foster Blake Reveals Her ‘Dirty Little Beauty Secret’

AS IF we needed another reason to love her!

There’s so many reasons we love Zoe Foster Blake (her LOL-worthy Instagram account, her best-selling books, her adorable son, Sonny – need we go on…).

But she just went and gave us a whole new reason to love her in a recent interview with The File where she discusses her ‘dirty little beauty secret’.

We love all things beauty as much as the next person, but we’ll admit even we get a little overwhelmed with all we’re expected to do – and slather on – our faces every day.

Well enter Zoe who admits sometimes she sleeps in her makeup. GASP!

We know, we were shocked too, but she explains.

“I will sleep in professional eye makeup if I need it for something the next day,” she says. “What a friggen pig, I know. But I will never sleep in the ‘face’ makeup: foundation, blush etc. Not even if I’m really drunk.”

Ok, got it, so occasionally leaving your eye makeup isn’t the end of the world but foundation et al is still a no-no.

But that’s not the only lazy-girl beauty tip she shared.

Hate washing your hair? Then stop it, says Zoe.

“I wash my hair as infrequently as possible because I hate clean, slippery, stupid hair”.

We know what we *won’t* be doing this weekend then…  

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