10 Of The Most Controversial Red Carpet Moments Of All Time

Red carpet fails

Nothing is more inspiring or depressing than red carpet events. As us mere mortals watch the moments taking place from the comfort of our homes wearing onesies and eating leftovers, Hollywood’s finest walk around looking more like god-like than they usually do *sigh*.

Fortunately for us, things don’t always go to plan for these perfect specimens and we’re able to get our healthy dose of controversy and amusement.

Here are 10 of the most controversial moments ever on the red carpet… just so we feel a little bit better about ourselves over this awards season.

1. Angelina Jolies Incestuous Kiss

Amidst all the Brangelina divorce scandals, it’s hard to think about what the two were like pre-relationship? While Brad was playing perfect couple with Jennifer Aniston, Angelina on the other hand was in her ‘tortured soul’ phase, baffling the world at the 2000 Oscars when she declared her love for her brother and kissed him in a not-so-sisterly way.

It was later explained that the infamous kiss was an emotional response to their mother receiving her first round of treatment for the cancer that claimed her life.

Still, not exactly the most normal reaction to it though?

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2. 50 Shades of Awkward

Mother and daughter duo, Melanie Griffiths and Dakota Johnson, had a bit of quarrel when being interviewed about Dakota’s role in 50 Shades of Grey. When asked about whether she had seen the movie, Melanie said she was a bit reluctant, which is clearly reasonable given the movie’s premise. Dakota, on the other hand, seemed less than understanding by saying, “Alright, you don’t have to see it. It’s a movie and she knows that…”

Not often you get a taste of real-life on screen.

3. Lady Gagas Meat Dress

Who could forget when Lady Gaga rocked up to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with her all meat ensemble? The outfit was, surprisingly no, not designed by her local butcher, but by Argentine designer, Franc Fernandez, and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Gaga received mixed reviews on her outfit, from being heavily criticised by animal rights groups to Time magazine naming her outfit as the top fashion statement of 2010.

She explained in an interview on the Ellen show that the meat dress wasn’t an attack on vegetarianism/veganism. Instead, the outfit was a protest against the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and the rights of gay soliders, by saying “if we don’t stand for what we believe in…. we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones”.

For those of you who were wondering what the heck ever happened to it, turns out it was loaned to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio, where it’s in a state of preservation like beef jerky.

Maybe one day Gaga will finally sink her teeth in it.

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4. Sacha Baron Cohens uncomfortable prank on Ryan Seacrest

When Sacha Baron Cohen arrived at the 2012 Oscars as his comedy character, The Dictator, clutching an urn (the “remains” of Kim Jong-il), Ryan Seacrest suspected that Sacha was up to some kind of prank… but not one on him. Cohen pretended to fumble with the urn, before dropping the ashes all over Ryan’s tuxedo.

Ryan, clearly furious tried to remain professional and compose himself, while Sacha was led away by security saying. “If somebody asks you what you’re wearing, you can say ‘Kim Kong-il’!”

Sacha was uninvited from the ceremony for four years over fears he would pull another stunt, until being asked back last year. 

Ryan refused to interview him. 

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5. “Im ethnic!

During an interview at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Rashida Jones was complimented for her “tan”, when TNT correspondent said she looked like she “just got off an island”. Rashida, who is biracial, awkwardly laughed off the comment and had to explain her skin tone saying that she was “ethnic”.

Fortunately Rashida was a good sport about it all and the two just had a bit of a laugh about it.

(Credit: TNT)

6. John Travoltas unrequited kiss

The photo that spurred thousands of memes saw John Travolta randomly coming up behind Scarlett Johansson, wrapping his arms around her and leaning in for a kiss. Judging by the photo, Scarlett looks quite dissatisfied.

She later insisted that there was “nothing strange, creepy or inappropriate about John Travolta” and that the photo was just a victim of unfortunate timing and not a reflection of the moment.

Still, a picture is worth a THOUSAND words.

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7. No hug for Harry Styles

One of the most unforgettable celebrity exchanges of 2015 would have to be when Gigi Hadid rejected Harry Styles after being introduced to the One Direction boys at the American Music Awards.

The boys were just finishing up an interview with E!s Giuliana Rancic, when Gigi approached Giuliana, prompting her to ask her whether she had ever met the boys. Gigi nonchalantly replied with “kinda” and shook Harry’s hand before proceeding to HUG the rest of his band. Harry didn’t seem to look too pleased, rolling his eyes and walking away.

Perhaps this has something to do with Gigi sticking by her girl squad, as Taylor Swift used to date him?

8. Giuliana Rancic saying Zendayas dreads make her look like she smells like weed

Although this technically didn’t happen ON the red carpet, after Zendaya appeared at the 2015 Oscars with dreadlocks, Giuliana controversially said on E!s Fashion Police that the Disney star’s hair looked as if she smelt like “patchouli oil or weed”. Zendaya, who had been on the show multiple times before, fired back on Twitter about the comments saying she did not wish to be part of a “large stereotype” and that it was “outrageously offensive”.

I don’t suppose Zendaya will be a guest on the show anytime soon?

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9. Iggy Azalea being asked by a 10-year-old about her boob job

Who would have thought a 10-year-old would be left to ask the “ballsy” questions? Iggy Azalea was a little stumped when General Hospital child star, Nicolas Bechtel, played reporter and asked about her recent breast enhancement surgery at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Iggy responded by saying, “I didn’t think you’d be the one asking me this question” before proceeding with her reasoning.

10. Amy Schumer falls in front of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West

If anyone was going to prank Hollywood’s power couple, it was definitely going to be Amy Schumer. The funny girl, on screen and off pretended to trip and fall in front of the couple in a big heap at the TIME 100 Gala in 2015 and Kimye looked less than impressed.

Schumer confessed that after the moment she went up to them and apologised saying she’s not great being around “famous people” and Kayne reportedly stood there disinterested.

Lighten up, Yeezy.

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